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  Gridstone Research offers a separate product - Gridstone/Corporate for Investor Relations. The product is oriented to the needs of a corporate user but contains the same in-depth company analysis that is available to institutional investors.

Gridstone/Corporate offers many benefits to Investor Relations professionals.

Performance analysis
As an Investor Relations professional your primary responsibility is to have your investors clearly understand all aspects of your company's performance and put that performance in the context of the current state of your industry.

Gridstone gives you all the information - data and commentary - that has been publicly disclosed by your company in key filings and events - earnings releases, SEC filings and press releases. It structures and organizes this information. Understanding how your company is performing over time has never been easier. Need to know how your company is doing against competition? Our Comps Grid compares both data and commentary for you and your competitors in a unique way.

Know your company better than your investors do
Did your company disclose something in the SEC filings that you are not aware of? Or did one of your own executives say something at an investor conference that is new or contradicts your previous statements? As the representative of your company in the capital markets you must at all times be on top of the facts related to your company's filings and public statements. Gridstone can help you be the 'authority' on your company in the eyes of your investors.

Keep an eye on competition
Investor questions are often derived from what is going on with your competitors. A question like 'did the warm weather in the Northeast affect your same store sales in any way?' is probably coming up because your competitor gave that as a reason for better same store sales in their earnings release. Gridstone lets you quickly analyze your competitor's earnings release and share that analysis with easy-to-use Worksheets that you can email to your executives.

Track hot issues
Investors often get caught up with the latest hot issue involving your company or industry. A big new deal in the works, an accounting glitch or the loss of a major customer - the probing and questioning from investors around such issues all starts with you. Gridstone lays out Management Commentary by Parameter over financial periods in a way that makes it very easy for you and your executives to know what you said about the issue in the past and helps you stay consistent and on message.

What Parameters do we guide on? What was our Guidance on these Parameters? Did some executive make a forward looking statement that we usually don't make? With Gridstone, the answers to these questions are just a few clicks away.

Financial reporting
All public companies have this creative tension between levels of disclosure that investors want and the level that your executives are comfortable with. You, as the IRO, are in the middle of this. Gridstone lays bare every single aspect of financial reporting - actuals and guidance - for both you and your competitors. Better information should lead to better decisions on disclosure.

Communication with investors or executives
Gridstone allows you to send out Worksheets with both numbers and management comments in them. The recipient does not have to be a subscriber to view the Worksheet. You can create the Worksheets simply by selecting Parameters which carry both the numbers and the commentary within them. Your investors or executives will get the message without having to read a lot of unstructured text in an email or document.

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