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  Gridstone Research offers its flagship product GSR/Research to the institutional investor. Gridstone can be of value to both Analysts (sector-focused or multi-sector) and Portfolio Managers.

Recently the equity research industry has been going through a radical transformation. There are many factors at play here. Reg FD and the internet have created a deluge of information but also a level playing field. Sell-side no longer has better access to market-moving information. The Global Settlement and other regulatory changes have severed the links between investment banking and sell-side thus drying up a major stream of fees going towards the research side of the house. Consequently, sell-side research went into a tail-spin from which it is yet to pull itself out.

As the focus in buy-side investment management moves away from getting access to market moving information back to fundamental research, they find the sell-side weakened and unable to serve their changing needs. As the buy-side pulls in more of its research dollars in-house, they are realizing the need for better, more robust content and tools to support the research effort. GSR/Research, Gridstone's platform for investment professionals addresses some of these unmet needs.

As an investment professional, some of the benefits that you can expect from GSR/Research are:

New investment ideas
You probably use a screening tool to create short-lists of companies to investigate. Instead of downloading and reading every document for the short-listed companies for the past several quarters, use Gridstone to drill-down into those companies. Stay at the surface or go as deep as you want. Compare them against other industry players. Get a really good feel for these potential investment ideas in a fraction of the time you spend today.

Refresher / Preparing for earnings
Look back at previous quarters when preparing for an earnings release. Review data for important or topical Parameters. If you have forgotten some little, but important, detail about the company, you don't have to go looking for it in the full transcript or 10Q - with Gridstone it's just a few clicks away.

Picking up a new sector
You move to a new sector and all you have is the old analyst's models. Gridstone can help you get behind the numbers and understand the business drivers of a company and an industry much faster than any of your current methods.

Model building
Build your models using rich operational data from Gridstone by downloading all information, or a select subset, to a spreadsheet. Keep data up-to-date each quarter by refreshing your download from the Gridstone platform..

Quick answers
A quick check back on something during an earnings call. A quick response to a Portfolio Manager's query. Finding a specific data point is a snap, using our powerful Parameter Search feature.

Internal communication
Make internal presentations on investment ideas with more than just Financial numbers. With the Operational numbers, Guidance and the Management commentary behind the numbers that Gridstone provides, you can put together a much richer presentation very easily.

Sometimes what you need is not a full presentation, but just a few numbers and a few highlights. Gridstone gives you the ability to create a Custom Worksheet of just the parameters you want to highlight and to share that view with colleagues.

Easy reviews
Review the quarter that was. Instead of re-reading the transcript, use Gridstone. In Gridstone, the same information is synopsized and organized by Parameters, so that you can focus on the important aspects of the company and not have to read everything all over again.

Understanding competition
You own a stock and would like to keep track of the competition but just don't have the time to read everything. Gridstone lets you control the level of detail you want. It doesn't have to be all the detail or nothing at all.

Keeping track of the value-chain
You own a stock and would like to keep track of its major customers - their growth drives demand for your company. Gridstone lets you focus on the critical Parameters for these 'upstream' players that are relevant to your company.

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