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  Gridstone Research offers a separate product - Gridstone/Corporate for C-level executives, Corporate Strategy and Corporate Marketing professionals. The product is dedicated to the needs of a corporate user but contains the same in-depth company analysis that is available to institutional investors.

Gridstone/Corporate offers some compelling benefits to professionals and executives who produce or consume competitive intelligence.

Performance Analysis
If you are like most professionals in Corporate Strategy, you probably keep a spreadsheet on key performance metrics for your company and its competitors and painstakingly update it every quarter. What used to be a lot of manual spreadsheet building can now become a few clicks with Gridstone. In fact if you look at the same metrics every quarter, you don't have to do anything after you have built a worksheet with the Parameters corresponding to your metrics. Gridstone ensures that the data in these Parameters is updated regularly.

Gridstone gives you Financial Numbers as well as hard-to-find Operational Numbers (like Headcount or Deals > $ 1m etc.)

Performance Analysis
Is your competitive analysis every quarter getting so bulky that you end up sending out zip files that nobody ever opens? Use Gridstone to create Worksheets that have both the numbers and the commentary behind the numbers on key Parameters. Then email these Worksheets out as links.

Keeping abreast of industry developments
Not everything you track has numbers associated with it. If you want to track a competitor's strategy on a new product, why should you have to wade through the entire earnings call transcript for a few lines buried in the Q&A? Gridstone organizes qualitative commentary in the same Parameter-Period structure that the Numbers are organized in. Go to the Parameter-Period cell pertaining to product strategy for a certain quarter. One click and you have all the commentary.

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