Client Services

  Research team
Our Analysts have MBAs and 5-10 years of industry or investment research experience. Our Associates typically have a post-graduate degree in business or finance. An experienced and well-qualified team combined with rigorous, technology-enabled research and quality assurance processes, enables Gridstone to produce a high quality end product.

Teams of Analysts and Associates are organized along sector and industry lines. This allows each team to develop deeper familiarity with the industries and companies that it covers.

Quality process
In our books, high quality content should be:
  Well written - whenever we write synopses
  Whenever it is representing facts, it should be devoid of judgment or opinion
We believe that our Clients have a right to the highest standards of quality.

Much of our Quality process is embedded in technology - in the Research Workbench that is used to produce our content. However, there are some aspects of Quality Assurance that can only be done by human eyes. Experienced Analysts as well as an independent QA group do random sampling based QA before an event is published.

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