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Gridstone's content is made available to you through a browser-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. For you to be able to effectively work with the platform's rich and unique content we had to design a new kind of user interface with some very interesting features . Some of these features are described below.

The Grid
Gridstone lays out its numeric data in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that we call The Grid. Navigating down Parameters or across Financial Periods is smooth and seamless.

From the Grid you can click on the contents of a cell and get more details (e.g. evolution of Guidance over time) or Management Commentary on that number.

Gridstone allows you to create your own Worksheets. You can pull a set of Parameters (e.g. Revenue breakout by product) into a Worksheet and save it.

Worksheets can be emailed to colleagues (your Portfolio Manager or CFO) inside or outside your firm. The recipient gets a link which allows them to view the Worksheet on the GSR platform, even if they are not subscribers.

You can compare a company on any Parameter within a set of comparable companies. The Comps feature is very flexible, allowing you to compare any set of companies on any Parameter. Comps Sheets, like Worksheets can be saved and shared.

Gridstone offers flexible charting options including Guidance v. Actuals charts which can be fired directly from the Parameter on the Grid. Additionally, there is a Chart Builder for advanced charting.

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