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Gridstone Research provides professionals engaged in company research with unique analysis and data that has never been available before.

Operational Data
Operational Data are non-financial data like Number of deals over $1 million for a licensed software company or Utilization for an IT Services company. Every industry has a different set of Operational Data that are important to that industry and are regularly disclosed by companies . For the first time, these numbers are available as data, not buried in large text documents like SEC filings or conference call transcripts.

Gridstone captures Guidance on all parameters that a company guides on, not just standard financial parameters like Revenue and EPS. For example, Guidance on 'Gross hiring plans' is critical for an analyst modeling an IT Services company. Guidance Data is tracked as it changes over time.

Financial Data
Besides Financial Data from financial statements that is more widely found in data services, Gridstone captures data from footnotes as well as detailed Financial Data like Revenue by Product or Geographic Region.

Management Commentary
Analysts are interested in not just the numbers but also the Commentary behind the numbers. 'What did management say about the revenue growth two quarters ago?' 'What reasons did they give for the lower gross margins in the last quarter?' Thus far, the answers to such questions were buried deep in earnings call transcripts or SEC filings. With Gridstone they are just two clicks away.

To structure and organize this information, Gridstone Analysts build templates of parameters for each industry and each company in the industry. The patent-pending taxonomy used to build these templates makes them flexible enough to accommodate the wide variety of business models and reporting methods used in an industry. At the same time they retain enough structure to allow comparisons across companies. As companies change, the taxonomy also changes with them.

Gridstone currently covers publicly available sources of information such as SEC Filings (10K/Qs), significant 8Ks, Earnings Releases and Earnings Calls. We plan to add new data sources as our coverage expands.

Company Coverage
Gridstone currently covers companies in a limited number of industries. The company coverage list is expanding every week and will ultimately include all large and mid cap US listed companies across all sectors. To request more details on our coverage plan, please click here.

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